The “Compliance & Other Consulting Services” Area was formed some years ago to give an answer to the opportunity for making effective the synergies and the acting possibilities that bring us the different practices in our Firm;, auditing corporations of several cultures and sizes or leading processes of consulting or designing internal audit areas in corporations and, as it could not be in other way, becoming partners of our customers in the start-up of Social Responsibility schedules.

Thus, the main concern of our professional team in this consulting area is to assume the objectives and needs of our customers, committing ourselves in their service and are always ready to assist them with maximum dedication and applying the more high standards of quality, conduct and professional ethics for the best development of their business, both in novelty areas as well as of other more frequent services.

In any case, we intend provide advice for a successful management in front of the current economic situation also putting the bases for ensuring advantageous subsequent progress and the best sustainability conditions for the long term.

A corporation that intends to become successful in the market in which operates under a sustainability conditions in the medium and long term it is essential to have a managerial culture together with an organizational and operational flexible structures with the ability for a continuous up-date under a permanent changing environment. For that purpose, we are ready to advice and to assist corporations in the implementation of two key objectives: to reach the maximum effectiveness with regard the changes that are taking place in the organization and projecting the maximum confidence (either in that internally generated and that perceived by our main stakeholders and the market.

Below these are included details on some of the consulting professional services in this Area:

Assistance in the design, implementation and follow-up of a Compliance System:

  • The first main challenge that implies our advice consists of teaching members of the Board of Directors and Managers of the corporations on the reasons for which it is essential to adopt a Compliance System, which in a great part, it is erroneously being associated, with he punitive character of the current Criminal Code. As a result, they should implement and project at both, their corporations and their environment, a true ethic managerial culture.
  • Assistance in determining the Risks Matrix, drafting the Compliance Schedule and the design and the start-up of the Compliance Officer function.

With regard to Small and Medium size companies (Pymes, under the Spanish abbreviation), our commitment also includes, when it becomes necessary, prior to the development of the Compliance Program , the formalization of the main operating and administrative procedures and other that should be available for a company to ensure that the Program becomes much more focused to the actual risks that need to be mitigated.

Other examples of professional services:

  • Design and formalization of operating and administrative cycles as well as the corresponding internal controls.
  • Assistance in the drafting, communication and implementation of the Business Conduct Code.
  • Design and implementation of company policies ensuring their correspondence and alignment with the corporative purpose of the business, always based on ethics and the quality of the products and services.
  • Assistance in the design of specific management tools (advice in the implementation of KPI’S).
  • Design and start-up of the Internal Audit function or, if required, assuming the externalization of such function.
  • Agreed upon procedures on management audits.
  • Social Responsibility Schedules and Equality Plans, etc.
  • Drafting of Sustainability Reports.