From the Administrative, Accounting and Tax Consulting professionals of our Firm, we want to support corporations, as much as possible, providing them advise in the betterment of processes of such areas or, alternatively, we are ready for assuming totally or partially the management of such functions, with the objective to enable them to focus on the core businesses of such corporation.

In this way, managers of corporations that have engaged us for such functions, either for the lack of human or material resources, capacity, time, etc., or for cost reduction, may then concentrate all their efforts to the strategic areas, as the current requirements of the markets imply that only companies that are business oriented are liable to adapt themselves to the quicker changing situations of the sectors in which they operate.

For such a reason, professionals in this area, have university degree qualifications on several different disciplines and accrue a relevant experience gained as a result of several years serving consulting engagements on small, medium or large local or international groups of different size and managerial cultures.

These high levels of experience together with our maximum self-requirements in the quality of the services that we offer to our customers enable them to have a maximum confidence on the total or partial assumption of the administrative-accounting functions assumed by us. Furthermore, we are also prepared, in the case it becomes necessary, for the temporary assumption of the mentioned areas.

Among other, we disclose below some different and frequent services that we provide in the administrative, accounting and tax consulting functions:

  • Design, implementation and monitoring of administrative and accounting procedures, together with the respective internal control systems and the costs follow-up.
  • Drawing of strategic plans.
  • Assessment and monitoring of the accounting function.
  • Support in the implementation and / or the adoption of the accounting to the International Accounting Standards (NIC 7 NIIF).
  • Preparation of periodic statutory financial information (monthly, quarterly, annual) and or that any that it becomes necessary for the daily or strategic management (profit and loss account, treasury forecasts, financial key indicators, preparation and follow-up of budgets, etc,).
  • Consolidated financial statements.
  • Preparation / review of the “financial reporting package” to be reported to a local or a foreign parent company for consolidation purposes.
  • Advice and assistance in the necessary arrangements for the constitution of all kind of corporations and similar mercantile operations. Assume the domiciliation of a company (registered office),, etc.
  • Become tax representative and fulfilment and presentation of the tax returns (VAT, Withholding Tax on Salaries, Operations with Third Parties, etc.).
  • Training on different generic matters or tailored “in house” disciplines as, for example, accounting, administrative matters, tax compliance, etc.