An audit implies providing fairness to the financial and economic information of a company, also projecting transparency and fairness to third parties. In addition, the objective of Senior Manager Auditors i Consultors, S.L. is that our customers obtain from the audit a complete view of their business, enabling them to be, as much as possible, more efficient, profitable and competitive in the sectors in which they operate.

Our experience is based in the commitment to render maxim quality professional services, and close to the customers, with the objective to assist them in achieving the right solution in the decision making process and providing them a high added value as much as it is foreseen for a firm like this.

Our professionals have an strong experience in the service to corporations, from a wide range of sectors, sizes and business cultures, which makes possible our commitment of customers’ service,

Among the different services that we provide in this area, we would like to disclose the following:

  • Audit of the stand-alone and consolidated annual accounts (compulsory or voluntary).
  • Audit of interim financial information.
  • Audit for consolidation purposes of subsidiaries of foreign companies, then reporting to the Group Auditor.
  • Audit of supporting accounts for grants.
  • Special reports required by the mercantile legislation.
  • Audits in connection with purchasing / sale transactions (due diligence processes).
  • Limited reviews and agreed upon procedures.
  • Independent expert reports.
  • Expert reports for lawsuit proceedings.
  • Valuation of companies.
  • Managements’ audits and / or internal control audits.
  • Preparation, audit and / or rview of the internal reporting package.