Consultants of the Human Resources Area have always in mind that corporations become now in front of a maximum complexity environment that imply continuous changes as a result from a more than frequent approval of new legal rules, also in labour and social matters that, at the same time, do not cease to produce technological innovations that companies need to assume and implement in order to become profitable in all terms and sustainable to ensure their continuity under an increasing profitability.

Thus, human resources of a company should be oriented not only to face the reputational incidence of the human resources, that imply the own management of the human resources and the operating activity that it projects to the market, but also it will have a complete incidence in the availability to attract and retain talent. In this way, it is not possible to pay consideration to the current fights against work and sexual harassments, the existing salary gaps between women and men (breach on salaries) as well as on the recent legislation on gender equality and the European Directive that needs to be transposed in Spain around the obligation to create complaint boxes (compulsory for companies with more than 50 employees) and to ensure the protection of the whistle-blowers, etc.

For this reason, our professionals in this Area are always ready to advise and cooperate with each of our customers in all processes in the Human Resources area, and accrue a large experience in the assessment and the attention to companies that operate in a great diversity of sectors and with quite different volumes.

Among a large variety of services that we usually provide, we would like to disclose the following:

  • Handle documents of incorporations / retirement of personnel in front of the Social Security General Regime, by means of the RED system.
  • Advice on the different typology of the available work contracts as applicable to each situation and preparation and filling of them in front the Instituto Nacional de Empleo.
  • Preparation and sending to the Treasury of the Social Security of the contribution slips (current RLC bulletin) through the RED system.
  • Preparation of the monthly salary slips of the employees, obtaining the accounting salary entries and sending the slips. Furthermore, if required, we are prepared to facilitate the payment of salaries, by providing a file that include the payment orders and meets the requirements of SEPA rules for financial entities.
  • Presentation and management in front of the Social Security National Institute of the temporary inability vouchers (incapacity, illness or confirmations).
  • Issuance of certifications of withholdings applied by the company to third parties for the purposes of the Withholding Tax.
  • For each of the employees of a company, drafting and issuance ot an Affidavit / Data Communication to the Payer, for each employee, for the purposes of the percentage to be retained to the employee for the Withholding Tax on Salaries (IRPF).
  • Company certifications, liquidations, redundancy payments.
  • Preparation of the annual summary return for the Withholding Tax on Salaries (model 190).
  • Preparation and filling at the Treasury of the Social Security of the staff movements for incorporations, retirement or change of data.
  • Assistance to customers, also assuming their representation in front ot the CEMAC and the Courts of Justice, whenever it becomes necessary, in the event of conflicts or dispute between a company and one employee.
  • Design of remuneration schemes (fix portion and variable salary, payments in kind and other social benefits),
  • Assistance and / or in the preparation of Redundancy schemes (ERE).
  • Calculation of labour costs and severance payments.
  • Advice and / or assistance in the selection / recruiting of top management, managers or employees for the Administrative –Accounting areas.
  • Audit of the Labour area.